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UPDATE! I've now fixed the 'Unable to click' issue that affected all sites.

Info: YouTube videos now no longer work since Tinychat changed their credentials to their domain only, I'm currently not working for a work around on this as I'm planning big updates of my own but if you would like to add a suggestion that would be great.

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This website allows you to create your own instant chat rooms with Camera/Mic of up to 12 people,
It also has YouTube so you can play your videos, There are also hundreds of registered chat rooms that you can visit and they normally contain and average of 25 chatters,
Simply enter your room name in to the form below or click one of the selected rooms below that and they will automatically load,
The chat rooms run using HTML5 WebRTC (Web-sockets) meaning the messages are sent in real time,
If you have any question/room requests/feature requests/background image requests/issues/complaints then click on the contact button and let me know, If it's an issue then please provide me with as much information as possible i.e.: Browser/Operating System (OS)/System Protection Software(Norton,AVG), Anyway I hope you enjoy the website!

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Protect your internet activities from governments, hackers and to help if you've been banned on Tinychat!
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My Software

This is a selection of my software which is available on my GitHub and BitBucket pages.


WordPress Video Chat

NameWordPress Video Chat - Recently Updated
DateAugust 2015
TypeWordPress Plug-in

TinyChat full screen video chat for WordPress/BuddyPress, This also has YouTube/SoundCloud for all chatters and now has smileys enabled, Recently updated to the new HTML5 WebRTC version.


TinyChat Room Spy

NameTinyChat Room Spy - No longer maintained
DateAugust 2015
TypeWordPress Plug-in

Allows you to check who is in a TinyChat room and who is on Video/Audio.(Out Dated!)


HTML5 Video Background

NameHTML5 Video Background

Simple demo to show how to display a video as your background image on a website with HTML5, I've added the correctly formatted video files for each browser and if on a older browser it will simple show the image provided.


HTML5 Contact Form With Google Maps

Namehtml5 contact form with Google maps
DateAugust 2015
TypeHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP

This is a PHP contact form in HTML5/CSS3 with Google maps using the canvas feature, This uses the Modernizr and Bootstrap features meaning that this contact form is fully responsive, An example of this can be seen using the contact button on this website, Updated to include Google reCaptcha.

project 8

PHP Visitor Counter

NamePHP Visitor Counter
DateAugust 2015

RudderCount - Created by Ruddernation Design™ 2017 - https://www.ruddernation.com Add the script to your selected page to start counting, To display the counter add - Visitors: echo $Rcounter_count to the area.

project 10

Ajax Contact Form

NameAjax Contact Form
DateAugust 2015

This another contact form that is easy to use and is customised in CSS3 and Ajax, This form will popup on click of link/button and has a dropdown feature for enquiries etc.